Sassy sausage dog dubbed ‘K9 version of Beyonce’ looking for ‘personal assistant’

Enzo is a delightful boy who will endear you when you first meet, but he’s also a typical stubborn sausage and will need someone who is experienced with the breed

A sassy sausage dog who has found himself in rescue is on the lookout for a personal assistant to pamper, entertain and walk him in his new home.

Sir Enzo of ‘Bark’shire has been dubbed the ‘male K9 version of Beyonce ’ for his diva personality – but Friends of Animals Wales are certain the right person for the job is out there.

The three-year-old loves to be active, ‘walking and playing with his toys in the grounds of his manor’, and hopes to find someone to keep track of his busy schedule and help manage his daily tasks.

The charity said: “Enzo is probably the male K9 version of Beyonce, Stunning to look at, but a bit of a diva. Just make sure you have plenty of alkaline water which is adequately chilled sitting in your fridge!

“Duties to include pampering, entertaining, walkies, preparation of meals to his exact standards, taking calls from his medical adviser and general worshipping.”

The pup has a medical condition called Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus, which means his kidneys are unable to absorb fluids, so he can wee rather a lot. Therefore, he’s looking for an adult-only home with no other pets, where his new PA will be understanding that he might not always make it outside in time.

Friends of Animals Wales added: “Unlike normal diabetes, Enzo does not need medication to manage his condition, just free access to water at all times and to maintain a healthy body condition. It’s important to remember he drinks a lot because he pees a lot and not pees a lot because he drinks a lot, so restricting his water intake is not an option.

“Enzo tends to resource guard his food and water, he will get very grumpy if not left alone when at his bowls and will show you his displeasure if you try to pick him up. As explained earlier, Enzo often can’t hold on for a wee, he is embarrassed and doesn’t take too kindly to being told off, so it’s best to say, ‘Oh dear’ and clear it up when he’s not looking.”

Enzo is very particular about his likes and dislikes. He enjoys a cuddle on his own terms, but certainly doesn’t like to be disturbed from his slumber.

Enzo isn’t keen on the neighbour’s cat’s, but doesn’t require the help of security to see them off the premises as he’s happy to do this personally.

A spokesperson for the rescue said: “Enzo is fond of sleeping in your chair during the day, sometimes he even lets you share. He will tell you he always shares a bed at night with his current PA, (of course this is a blatant lie), but will go to his crate (often muttering under his breath in protest) and bury himself in his blankets when told “Enzo, in your bed”.

“Generally Enzo gets on with humans and will actively seek out his current PA’s company to curl up on her lap, but this very much has to be on Enzo’s terms and he can get very grumpy if he’s forced to do something he doesn’t care to do.

“He doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s in his bed and will complain bitterly if you try to take him out of it. Bigging him up, telling what a good boy he is and wiggling a toy in front of his crate sometimes entices him to get up.”

Some of Enzo’s favourite things to do are finding the squeak in toys and long walks in the woods.

Friends of Animals Wales said: “Enzo would like to find a palatial home, with large drinking fountains, a Michelin Star Chef to prepare his meals and a servant to pander to his every whim, however a home with a garden, a large bowl of water, good food and a human who adores him is absolutely fine.

“Enzo is a delightful boy who will endear you when you first meet, but he’s also a typical stubborn sausage and will need someone who is experienced with the breed and can understand and manage his moods with kindness.”