Snobby mum slams mother-in-law for dressing grandchild in supermarket clothes

A grandmother has been left hurt after her ‘stuck up’ daughter-in-law had a go at her for buying their child new supermarket clothes after he was sick on his existing outfit

A grandmother has put out a desperate plea for support, after her snobby daughter-in-law lashed out at her for dressing her grandson in supermarket clothes.

The anonymous grandmother told Mumsnet how she was taking care of her youngest grandchild as a favour to her son and his wife, while they went out with friends for the first time since the grandson was born.

However, after the couple dropped off their youngest offspring, the grandmother quickly realised they had forgotten to get the nappy bag out the boot of their car, and had instead taken it with them by mistake.

“Rather than phone them when we noticed and spoil their day, we had a walk to the local supermarket and bought nappies and wipes and a little outfit for the baby, as he had been a little sick on his clothes and they were a bit wet,” the grandmother explained.

Sounds perfectly reasonable, right? That’s exactly what she thought, and everything seemed fine when she explained the situation to her son and daughter-in-law when they came to collect their child later in the day.

However, the very next morning, the grandmother received a text from her daughter-in-law, which read: Thanks for having the grandson yesterday but I feel I need to say something to you.

“Whilst I appreciate you looking after them, I didn’t appreciate that you had changed him out of the clothes he arrived in, for whatever reason. I know that when your children were growing up, supermarket clothes may have been good enough for them, but it really isn’t what I want to dress my children in and your taste is vastly different than mine.”

Unsurprisingly, the grandmother was left upset by her daughter-in-law’s hurtful comments, but decided she wasn’t going to reply to the message as it didn’t deserve a dignified response.

“I actually want to reply oh f*** off you stuck up little madam and next time make sure you leave the bag then he wouldn’t have to wear hideous supermarket clothes,” she added, before asking other Mumsnet users what they would have replied.

“What a cow, I’m going to admit I was really bloody hormonal after my daughter was born and for some reason that expressed itself as suddenly intensely disliking my very lovely in-laws. But dear god she is just an utter cowbag,” one Mumsnet user commented.

Another added: “I would politely and as nice as possible explain to your son not her why you bought him the change of clothes and point out you didn’t want him to be in wet clothes and she had left the bag and didn’t want to disturb their meal out.

“Cheeky b**** happy to use you as childcare but not leave you adequate stuff for the baby.”