I refuse to attend my brother’s wedding after his fiancée abandoned my toddler’

A mum was left horrified when she found out her sister-in-law had left her two-year-old daughter on her own in the park for two hours after losing her dog

A mum has told how she’s refused to attend her very own brother’s wedding, after his fiancée abandoned her two-year-old daughter in the park.

Taking to Reddit, the mum explained that she previously got along great with her brother and his partner, who got together eight years ago, when they were 15 and she was 12.

“She was always really nice to me and we bonded over the fact that my parents don’t like either of us,” she wrote on the Am I The A**hole forum.

However, their relationship recently took a turn, when the mum-of-one was called into work suddenly, and had to find emergency childcare for her daughter while her husband was also at work.

“My sister-in-law said that I shouldn’t waste money on a babysitter when I could just let them take her for a bit,” she continued.

After the mum went to work, her sister-in-law decided to take her dog for a walk with the two-year-old dog in tow, when disaster struck.

“She says they were walking through the park and the leash slipped out of her hand, without thinking she put my daughter – who was in a little carrier – on a near by bench, before running after the dog,” she continued.

“She didn’t catch even the dog, and it wasn’t until two hours later that she even realised that she was missing.”

When the mum came to pick up her little girl, her sister-in-law confessed everything, and she was left feeling “livid,” although “so thankful no one kidnapped her.”

Recently, the sister-in-law got back in touch with details about her upcoming wedding, but the woman responded by telling her she wouldn’t be attending as a direct result of what happened with the toddler.

“She called me, sobbing saying that I’m a petty b**** and she wishes someone had kidnapped my daughter. I hung up on her and she apologised and said she needs me there,” the mum continued.

“My friends and family have called me saying I’m petty and that she was stressed and if was an accident.”

The mum turned to Reddit to question whether she was right to tell her sister-in-law she wouldn’t be attending the wedding and she was met with resounding support.

“This is nuts. She ‘wishes someone had kidnapped your daughter?’ Never talk to this woman again,” one Reddit user suggested.

Meanwhile, another wrote: “You are NOT being petty. That you are doing is being a mother and ensuring the safety and well being of your child. This woman is clearly not in her right mind if she forgot about your child for 2 HOURS!!! Let alone her disgusting comment.”